Turning a Buffet to Your PCOS Advantage, Diet-Wise

Buffets that offer “all you can eat” may sound like a Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) weight-gain nightmare. But taking a simple, new approach can actually transform a buffet into a healthy eating experience, whether it’s an enticing selection at a Chinese restaurant or an elegant Sunday brunch.
The initial temptation may be load up your plate. But if you exercise a little discipline and focus on eating sensibly, a buffet can become a delightful and satisfying meal of small taste treats. It can also add a dash of welcome variety to what you’re used to eating as you lose weight.
First, take a look at the buffet and decide what looks good. Buffets allow you to see the food before choosing what to eat, instead of relying on a menu. Then you can sample exactly what you want and, while employing that modicum of discipline mentioned earlier, control your portion sizes at the same time.
There’s also the added psychological edge of not wanting to be viewed by your companions and other diners as being greedy.
Why not choose a small salad, first, and exercise your option to go easy on the dressing? Then perhaps follow-up with a slice or two of delicious, freshly-carved lean meat like skinless chicken breast to give yourself some essential protein.
Supplement your entree with an assortment of healthy vegetable side dishes, which are always on offer in a buffet and look more appealing when already prepared (by someone else!). Dips can enhance the flavor of vegetables and may make you go back for healthy second helpings.
Don’t forget to save room for dessert. Fresh fruit is usually in abundance at a buffet. And don’t be afraid to help yourself to a sliver of key lime pie as a reward for being such a disciplined eater.
Take the PCOS healthy approach and you’ll leave the buffet feeling both satisfied and … virtuous.
A balanced, nutritious diet combined with regular exercise can boost PCOS weight loss by helping to reverse Insulin Resistance – a blood glucose and insulin imbalance which often underlies obesity.

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