Support Success Stories

“To everyone at Insulite, thank you so much for this website, your products, and your information. It offers a less harsh way to deal with PCOS and hope for everyone who is dealing with it!” –  – Melissa, Quakertown, PA

“Honestly, yours is the best customer service I have ever come across.” – Mercy, London, England

“I would recommend the Insulite PCOS System for any woman suffering from PCOS. I found the website to be full of important information. I received my order shortly after ordering it. The brochure that was sent to me was very helpful in expanding my knowledge about PCOS and why proper diet is so important.I found out I was pregnant two weeks after being on the Insulite PCOS System. This was the best news I have ever received!The online support through Insulite was superb. I have anxiety issues and had many questions. I received online support promptly after sending an e-mail. Dr. Heather DeLuca was very caring and detailed in her responses. I am truly grateful for her support! Thank you!” – Brooks, Texas

– “I started the Insulite PCOS System and found it really helped me get off ground zero and stop the downward spiral. It gave me the energy to start exercising and to prepare healthy meals.It can all be very overwhelming, especially when you just want to be young (I am only 20) and forget about being sick, as this has all been going on for four years. I think it is very important for younger people to realize they can use the Insulite PCOS System and get help before it becomes a really big problem.You are all very supportive, even though I am on the other side of the world (Australia). I am very glad that I am using the Insulite PCOS System. Your weekly messages are also very encouraging when I find things getting a bit harder. Thank you for everything.” – Anna, Perth, Australia

– “I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your caring advice and guiding me toward taking control of my health. It’s hard to express in words how long I have been trying to find the answers you have so easily provided for me.I am only 27 and was really feeling the effects of insulin resistance and PCOS, with terrible lethargy and fearing I would never get my active life back. I was taking Glucophage, which did nothing for me but cause stomach and bowel problems. After one month on the Insulite PCOS System I began to feel an amazing difference in energy and even in my weight.I am so excited about the positive changes in my health and can’t wait to see where I am six months from now, let alone in a year. Thank you again!” – MS, Stuarts Draft, VA

“Your Internet website is so educational and made me realize I’m not going mad and there is a way to control PCOS. Although I have never met your staff I feel I get more positive response from you than from my doctors for the last five years.I’m just so grateful for your organization. You have given me so much hope and something to look forward to. I feel as if I’m dealing with professionals who care about what happens to their patient.As women it’s vital for us to look good and feel good. It’s part of our makeup; it’s what makes us thrive. This is not about being vain – this is about wellbeing and confidence.” – Daniella McKnight, England

“I want to thank you for answering all of my questions. I am very pleased by your quick response and the wonderful service you have provided me with. I am happy now that I know what to do and how to help my wife with her problem.” – JG, Orlando, FL

“Thank you for your time and effort to help people learn more about the subject. Your website is clear, well presented and very helpful.” – LV, London, England

“I have been studying Insulin Resistance and have been doing quite a bit of research on this subject. I really am impressed by your website as well as the your five-element system to treat this syndrome.” – Carrie Power, APN, Elko, NV

“I am 28 and I never had a period unless I was on birth control. A year ago I decided to stop birth control after being on it for 12 years. My ObGyn was not happy since she said there is no cure for PCOS and I have to take birth control to bring on a period. For the last year, I have tried an all-organic diet, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs. A lot of money and no success. I was so discouraged. I thought no matter how healthy my lifestyle was, I would never be able to get my period without the use of hormones.I ordered the Insulite PCOS System as a last resort before I went back on birth control pills. I can’t believe it, but I started the Insulite PCOS System and I got my period today – just one month after beginning this program. I can’t believe it! For the first time ever, I got my period without needing birth control pills. I feel so lucky I found this website. Thank you so much!”– Julie Foley, Reading, MA

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