Irregular Period Success Stories

– “Thank you so much, Insulite! Hi! My PCOS story started when I felt the first signs of this dilemma. I gained weight fast but it was difficult to release them even with Zumba! My acne became worse. My cravings for sweets and salty foods also increased. My menses (which are already irregular since puberty) became very light. And worst, my relationship with my family and friends was affected by my temper – I snapped easily at them even for petty things! I was troubled by my condition so I sought for help from several MDs but they were indifferent to my situation. I was told “You are fine.” I was frustrated. The long and short of it is that I went through this ordeal feeling empty and hopeless. It was a blessing to have found your website. It was another blessing to finally have taken the first step to healing. I know I will overcome PCOS with your help and support. Finally, I can bid farewell to the awful symptoms of PCOS!” –Kesselyn Mae Tala-oc

“I am so excited about the Insulite PCOS System. I am so totally satisfied. I have been trying to regulate my period for four years. I have only been on the Insulite PCOS System for one month and already my cycle length has improved. I used to go anywhere from 32 to 40 days and sometimes miss an entire month. This month my cycle was only 28 days. It also lasted five days which is more than usual. With any luck, we will achieve the pregnancy we so desire. I recommend the Insulite PCOS System to anyone who is dealing with PCOS.” – NO, New Haven, MO

“I am thrilled to have found Insulite! I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS at age 18. I have suffered from years of hormonal imbalance, mood swings, estrogen dominance, and missed periods. Luckily I found natural progesterone cream to give me some relief, but a year ago I began spotting on a daily basis.So in January, after bleeding for almost a year solid, I decided it was time to give the Insulite PCOS System a real try. This time I began exercising and eating more greens. After two months on the program I have lost a few pounds and have gone one week without spotting. I even think I might have ovulated the other day, and I haven’t felt ovulation signs since 10th grade. I am convinced the Insulite PCOS System is the right thing for my body! I am looking forward to continued healthy cycles!” – CM, Birmingham, AL

I have struggled so long with PCOS and all the frustrating symptoms that go with it. In a final act of desperation I went online and found the Insulite Laboratories website. After reading it I felt pretty comfortable with trying it. Finally, after so many years of being told this is just who I am, I am seeing improvement.After only one months, I had more of a menstrual cycle than I have had in years. I also lost four pounds – something I have been trying to do for ages! I don’t feel hungry the same way I used to – it used to hurt and I suffered extreme cravings. But, this doesn’t happen anymore. For the first time in a long time I feel like I think “normal” people feel. I can control my appetite and the best part is I am taking not “medicine” but instead I’m eating better, I’m exercising, I’m learning about PCOS, and I’m taking supplements, so the progress is natural and slow, which is comforting because I know it isn’t a fad or a temporary relief, but rather a positive change of my lifestyle.I am so grateful to the research team at Insulite Health for developing such a fantastic system for women who are dealing with PCOS. I truly don’t know what I would have done if I had not found the Insulite PCOS System. I encourage anyone and everyone suffering from PCOS to try this. It is easy and natural and it works wonders!” – Carrie, Dallas, TX

“As a new user of the Insulite PCOS System, Audrey shares her experience with you. Please take a few minutes to watch these two informative videos. The first video is after five days on the System, while the second video is around the end of the first month on the System.” – Audrey, Littleton, CO

“I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with your system! I began the Insulite PCOS System two months ago – and I am now about to get my period for the second month in a row. This is huge for me, because I haven’t gotten two periods in a row in years!This makes me confident that the Insulite PCSO system really works! It’s only been two months, so I can only imagine how much better I will feel after six months!Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to adopt the System and benefit from it like I have.” – MS, Hastings on Hudson, NY

“For the first time since I can remember, I have gone a full cycle (no bleeding in between). I’m well aware this doesn’t mean I’m fixed, but it sure is a nice start. Thank you so much for putting me on the right road!” – Sarah, Longmont,CO

“I love Insulite. Since I started the Insulite PCOS System three months ago, my blood sugar has been on a normal steady level, I’ve been getting my menses about the same time every month, and even my attitude and health has improved dramatically. I love it. I will definitely recommend this System to anyone with PCOS.I’ve been trying to conceive; soon, hopefully that dream will come true. I’ll keep you updated. Thank you Insulite.” – MM, Ontario, Canada

“I will be starting the Insulite PCOS System as soon as I get rid of my bronchitis, hopefully in the next couple days. I would like to start off by saying I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 13 years old and I am now 26. I have dealt with excess hair growth and for a lot of women, as for myself, this the most embarrassing thing to talk about but I would just like to say ‘IT’S NOT OUR FAULT’. I have facial hair and I mean facial hair – it’s a full blown beard. I have chest hair, breast hair, and stomach hair. I have a couple of patches on my back. The funny thing is the only place I don’t have hair is on my hips and lower back, maybe because of the electric therapy I had when I was 17 due to lumbar back problems. I don’t have acne although for a lot of us ingrown hair looks just like it and I have a lot of it mostly on my chest and breasts. I am moody and have very low energy, although mentally I have tons.I weigh 340 pounds and am 5’6” tall. I am pretty firm except under my arms and my lower stomach. Exercise is hard especially when you are the only one doing it. Motivation/competition is hard to find. The one thing that has really developed over the past year or so is inflammation, boy that is just outta control. I am so swollen, especially on my legs and feet. I apologize for being graphic but I want other women out there to know you are not the only one. I have read on the Internet of other women like me but I don’t know anybody else.But after all these years reading the Insulite Laboratories website I finally decided to do everything on the Insulite PCOS System – diet, exercise, supplements, the works, and now I’m going for laser hair removal on my face. I hope anything I’ve said is useful to someone and I will be doing a follow up after a few weeks of starting the Insulite System.” – Jennifer M., Aurora, CO

”I feel energized, healthy, and most importantly: normal. A couple of months ago I decided to go off birth control pills just to see if I could get a period on my own. I’m on my second consecutive menstrual cycle, which hasn’t happened since I was a teenager or without the help of birth control pills. I’m currently 30 years old and am having periods on my own. Amazing! I never thought this would happen.” – Heather Siegle, Waukee, IA


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