About Insulite Health PCOS and Our Philosophy

Insulite Health is dedicated to empowering women with PCOS to transform their lives. PCOS is a devastating condition that goes frequently undiagnosed, and Insulite Health is on a mission to make sure that every woman with symptoms of PCOS around the world is supported in a profound way.


Insulite Health formed in 2015 from Insulite Laboratories, a company that was established in 2001 in Boulder, Colorado USA, to research, develop and test a scientifically based, multi-layered approach to address the problems associated with PCOS. Reversing this condition requires a complete, specialized system which incorporates:

  • Potent nutraceuticals*
  • A nutrition plan tailored to meet your special needs
  • An exercise program designed to increase insulin sensitivity
  • A component that deals with cravings, which you may suffer from without being aware
  • An extensive support network which includes coaching and personal advice on the most effective ways to manage each condition.

Our Philosophy

In addition to a caring approach to our clients, our business methodology encompasses these basic tenets:

  • We are dedicated to healing customers first. It is our firm belief that transforming the health of women will drive the company to success.
  • Insulite Health recognizes that a single pill cannot heal the conditions caused by PCOS. To heal from the symptoms of PCOS, women must embark on a systematic, scientifically-sound approach such as ours.
  • Insulite Health has carved out an innovative niche in the health care community. We have positioned ourselves in the middle ground between the doctor’s office and the hospital. Today, a person may only get to spend minimal time with their doctor (the U.S. average is approximately seven minutes) while learning what to do about their condition. The next time their medical issues receive concentrated attention could be when complications send them to the hospital. Insulite Health has set out to be the intermediary between the two scenarios, offering our customers the ability to take control of their lives and health to prevent or delay the need for hospitalization.
  • Healing through Knowledge sustains our Customer Service and Outreach programs. Any individual suffering from an Insulin Resistance-related condition – not just Insulite clients – can receive appropriate guidance from the Insulite Consulting & Advisory Teams.
  • Insulite Health aims to build community through our web sites and support networks with information and help that is of real meaning and value to our visiting readers.
  • Excellence defines every element of Insulite Health.
  • Our goal is to create a healing, joyful, and productive environment for the Insulite team.

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