Think Goals Not Resolutions for PCOS Health in 2011 Part 2

How The System Works For YouLast week, we suggested you set goals rather than resolutions in 2011 because the former allow for setbacks as you continue to work to adopt healthy habits like a balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise to improve your PCOS. Resolutions, on the other hand, can make you give up you if you fail at first.
Remember That It’s a Process: Expect to work your way up, rather than trying to maintain perfection and feeling let-down and a failure if you don’t achieve success immediately.
Target Attainable Goals: In setting small goals for new behavior, aim to achieve it once or twice a week, rather than everyday. For example, instead of saying, “I’ll go to the gym everyday to lose weight”, plan for “every Wednesday” or, better yet, sign up for a fun exercise class once a week. Then you can work towards more frequent attendance.
Set Yourself Up To Succeed: Add more steps as you complete each one so you gradually work your way toward better health via the changes it requires. You’ll experience many more encouraging examples of ‘success’ along the way, as a result.

Next Steps

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