The 5-Element System – Nutrition and Exercise Plans

The goal of the Insulite PCOS Nutrition and Exercise Plans is based on changing your existing behavior patterns to help reverse the symptoms of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Research has shown that the majority of people fail when they attempt to make major behavioral changes in their lives, like quitting smoking and drinking, or losing weight by changing their nutrition and starting a new exercise program. You might be one of these people.

Why the answer is based on scientific research. From a neurological standpoint, the reason you behave the way you do is because groups of neurons and connections in your brain direct your actions. The only way to transform your existing behavior patterns is to change these established neural connections that are called neural networks.

Research shows the most effective way to change existing neural networks, and therefore the behaviors they direct, is gradually. You did not develop overnight the neural networks that direct your behavior patterns regarding nutrition and exercise. So it is unreasonable to assume that you will change them overnight.

The only way to obtain long-term change is to start to slowly alter the existing neural pathways that are directing your negative behaviors. The Insulite PCOS System Nutrition and Exercise Plans are designed to help you start altering the neural networks that are the basis of negative lifestyle decisions.

Contrary to popular belief, changing lifestyle components like nutrition and exercise is less about willpower and more about persistence. Willpower will not alter neural patterns. But your change in behavioral routine will make a difference!

You are not looking for perfection. It will take time to alter the existing networks that are now directing your negative behavior patterns. Our recommendation to you is to just keep at the program. Whether you miss a day or a week, just keep coming back to the program. Persistence is what will ultimately help alter your negative behaviors. Eventually you will notice that your lifestyle changes will become almost effortless because you will start to feel so much better. Again, remember that persistence is the key!

Carbs: Tackling The Culprit!

Carbohydrates and the glucose they produce are the source of dietary energy for the human body. You can’t function properly for very long without some carbohydrate intake. The trouble is that carbs are addictive. If you’ve ever tried to give them up completely for awhile, you’ll know what we mean. Research shows that, contrary to popular belief, it is not the fat in our diet that makes us overweight but the amount of carbohydrates we eat.

Woman With GroceriesThe Insulite PCOS System Nutrition Plan focuses on carbs as the main culprit in causing weight gain as a result of Insulin Resistance. The Nutritional Plan advocates a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, with lots of green vegetables and fruits.

We don’t have an “induction phase” where you’re deprived of all carbs and are just eating protein and fat. We ask that you lower your carbohydrate intake from where you are now and slowly persevere in reducing your intake each week so it doesn’t feel like such a shock to your system. You will soon notice your old carb cravings will subside and your weight will drop, helping to reverse your symptoms of Insulin Resistance and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Human genetic make-up is not designed to cope with the barrage of carbohydrates we now consume via fast foods, pasta dinners, and the like. From a cultural standpoint, these meals are a new source of nourishment. Until farmers began cultivating grains such as wheat and corn, our nutrition consisted mainly of fruits, green leafy vegetables, and meat. Carbohydrates in the form of grains were rare.

Our genetic make-up simply can’t adapt to the type of nutrition that the average person consumes today, which is 70 percent carbohydrates. Until then, the only way to ensure balanced insulin and glucose levels, which ensure good health and ideal weight, is to reduce our carbohydrate intake.

The Insulite PCOS System Nutrition Plan is designed to reduce carbohydrate cravings while addressing their addictive qualities.

Making Movement a Part of Your Day

The key to the Insulite PCOS System’s Exercise Plan is also its gradual implementation. If you don’t exercise now, or you exercise very little, you have become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. As we’ve said previously, on a scientific level this means you have adapted pathways in your brain that make you feel comfortable living without exercise. While these pathways, called neural networks, might be telling you not to exercise, this sedentary course of inaction is the worst thing you could do in your fight against weight gain, Insulin Resistance, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Moderate exercise is a vital component. Our Exercise Plan is designed to help you exchange your old, negative lifestyle of little or no exercise with one that has moderate exercise as a primary component. Once you make exercise a regular part of your healthy new lifestyle, you are likely to find yourself becoming more energetic and ambitious about new ways to keep fit.

If, however, you find you are not losing weight at first, don’t despair. Regular exercise can help you become fitter even if you are overweight.

Neural networks that represent a non-exercise lifestyle are not easily changed. It took you years to develop those neural pathways that dictate your sedentary lifestyle. It will take some time to alter them to the point where they support you.

The Insulite PCOS System Exercise Plan looks extremely simple… and it is. But its goal is very scientific: namely, to change the neural pathways that instruct you “not to move” so that, instead, they reinforce movement as a primary part of your daily routine.

Woman ExercisingExercise helps to increase the insulin sensitivity of your cells, which allows you to use glucose more efficiently. As a result, it can help reverse the symptoms of Insulin Resistance and PCOS as well as enhance long-term weight-loss.

Exercise also plays an important role in reducing weight by lowering insulin levels and creating calorie-burning muscle, which increases your metabolic rate even while you are not exercising.

To succeed with the Insulite PCOS System, you will need to exercise regularly-moderately, but regularly.

There are no gimmicks or tricks. The requirements are to do it moderately and to do it gradually. Rapid weight loss is not healthy. But if you would like more than gradual change, we have also outlined an alternative program for you to follow. Success is enhanced with persistence, consistency, and long-term adherence to either approach.

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