All Natural PCOS System – The 5 Elements

Freedom From PCOS is a Process

PCOS 5-Elements The Insulite PCOS 5-Element System helps transform symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The system will support the body’s ability to balance insulin levels and other hormones to better manage PCOS symptoms like unwanted hair growth, fatigue, skin problems, infertility, mood swings, and weight gain. The system will also help manage the symptoms of PCOS by decreasing estrogen and androgen hormones and stimulating SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) to regulate ovulation, which is essential to becoming pregnant. It may also help to normalize menstrual cycles and increase progesterone levels.

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Nutraceutical Solution

The PCOS 5-Element Nutraceuticals are naturally formulated. Only the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used. All nutraceutical components of the PCOS 5-Element System are produced in a certified GMP compliant facility. Our U.S. manufacturing partner ensures all ingredients are tested to meet rigorous specifications of efficacy, purity,  and physical characteristics.


An exclusive formula designed to decrease circulating testosterone levels to support healthy hair growth and healthy skin*. It also increases sex hormone-binding globulin, which decreases free-floating testosterone and estrone, promotes menstrual regularity and supports liver function by aiding detoxification pathways.

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A carefully formulated combination of pure nutrients which help to naturally change the interaction of individual cell membranes with insulin*. InsulX is primarily designed to increase the insulin sensitivity of your cells*. As a result, cells can accept glucose more efficiently which helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Maintenance of healthy glucose levels reduces the secretion of insulin – a major cause of PCOS*. When insulin and glucose are balanced, the symptoms of PCOS can be better managed.

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This high potency blend of botanicals and antioxidants focuses on supporting the vessels of the cardiovascular system as well as cellular vitality, that can be compromised in women with PCOS and insulin resistance.* Over time, the interior lining of blood vessels are damaged when insulin levels are elevated and this damage contributes to the formation of Cardiovascular Disease. Elevated insulin also causes free radical damage and vessel injuries which are important factors in the progression of PCOS and Insulin Resistance. RejuvaPlus contains high quality antioxidants designed to support cardiovascular vessel integrity, minimize free-radical damage. An additional benefit is supporting immune function.

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GlucX is a combination of natural fibers designed to help regulate the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream while helping to maintain healthy cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and insulin levels.* Because high insulin levels promote PCOS, this product is essential to reducing insulin spiking.* Additionally, research demonstrates the benefits of high fiber intake on weight management and cardiovascular support.* GlucX contains fenugreek, a botanical, that decreases the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream as well as prevents insulin spikes that occur with carbohydrate intake.* Fenugreek also has specific benefits for blood sugar balancing.

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Food as Medicine

With the Insulite Nutritional Element, we use the metaphor food as medicine so you’ll discover how eating the right foods can increase your cells’ sensitivity to insulin which help keep other hormones in balance. This specialty diet is designed to be satisfying and easy to follow while offering a powerful and effective strategy to help you neutralize carbohydrate and sugar cravings and avoid the dreaded “rebound effect” associated with many diets.

The step-by-step Insulite PCOS System Nutrition Element does not require you to count calories. Instead, it gradually directs your body to a healthy diet. In essence, it provides the solution to one of the primary causes of Insulin Resistance and excess weight and obesity – too many carbohydrates and sugars. The Nutrition Plan also addresses the addictive quality of certain foods and advocates a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. We don’t have an “induction phase” where you’re deprived of carbs and sugars. Instead we ask that you to very slowly lower your intake of them over months and months. Nutritional Plan in a way is designed to trick your brain, so you do not experience withdrawal symptoms from stopping carbohydrate and sugars too quickly.

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Movement as Medicine

The Insulite Exercise Element has been developed to assist you in reframing your perspective of exercise as a form of medicine. Like our Nutritional Element, our Exercise Element is designed with the specific goal of supporting you to increase your cells’ sensitivity to insulin and keeping your other hormones in balance.

Unique but simple, our two-tiered program allows you to increase your metabolism every day — even when you miss a few days of exercise. The plan includes a helpful approach to assist you in enjoying physical movement throughout the day and therefore increasing your potential for long-term health and wellbeing.

The phased Insulite PCOS Exercise Plan addresses an important element in achieving your desired weight. This is not a program designed to just “burn calories.” It is carefully planned to enhance your body’s ability to utilize glucose more effectively and to increase the number of insulin receptor sites on the cells’ surface. Structured for simplicity, the Exercise Plan promotes a measured progression over time until it becomes a natural part of your lifestyle.

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Defeating Food Cravings

Recent studies indicate that the same brain structures that are stimulated by cocaine and heroin are also stimulated by consuming simple carbohydrates and sugars. At Insulite Health, we believe that for many of us,our health problems are directly linked to our addiction to and cravings for unhealthy foods that, in the end, can lead to conditions like PCOS.

This significant research has been utilized to develop the Insulite Addiction/Cravings Awareness protocol. The plan encourages you to slowly wean yourself off your addiction to certain foods by helping you balance the neurochemicals that contribute to these powerful addictions and cravings.

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The PCOS Support Solution

Science is now telling us: “You Need Support More Than You Think You Do .” Recent research is revealing that there are valid scientific reasons why you have a better chance to transform your PCOS symptoms when you seek support, than when you go it alone.

The fields of neuroscience, genetics, evolutionary biology and psychology are giving us the reasons why support can have an effect  on our hormone production and the 10,000,000 chemical reactions that take place in each one of your cells each second.

In this Fifth Step of The Insulite PCOS Cellular Solution we will learn how nature has wired us to support others and get support from them. When we give and take support, all sorts of biochemical actions take place that support you to reverse your PCOS symptoms.

If you have asked yourself, am I ready to transform my health for the better? And if t he answer is yes! – we want you to be assured that we are here to support you every step of the way.

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