The Insulite PCOS System – Cravings Awareness

Learning about and overcoming addiction to certain types of foods is crucial if you want to transform your health by losing weight to better manage or even reverse your symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. A little known fact is that even lean individuals can be addicted to food. The goal of our Addiction Awareness Plan is to wean you off of your negative addiction to carbohydrates and sugars. We do this in several ways:

Carb Reduction without Withdrawal Symptoms

In order to avoid the dreaded “rebound effect” (the immediate regaining of weight after stopping a diet), the Insulite PCOS System slowly reduces your intake of carbs and sugars, by minimal amounts each week, until you reach an optimum level of these foods. This considerably slower reduction in consumption of carbs/sugars tricks your brain into accepting as normal the increasingly smaller amounts of these negative foods.

An extra benefit of this gradual approach enables you to avoid carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, depression, and drowsiness. It is the effort to alleviate your withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety and false hunger pains, that drives you over and over again to ingest larger and larger amounts of carbs/sugars.

Switching Circuits

In addition, your addiction to carbs/sugars is primarily driven by the profound ability of these foods to stimulate your dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin brain circuits. These circuits are the neurochemical pathways that produce your feelings of pleasure and contentment, as well as helping you dull both emotional and physical pain.

The circuits that are stimulated by high-carbohydrate foods and sugars are the same addictive circuits that are stimulated by drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. This is why dieting is so difficult-and why willpower is not enough-to make a permanent lifestyle change.

Woman ExercisingInsulite Health recognizes that exercise also stimulates these same pathways. Therefore, while the Insulite PCOS System Nutrition Plan is slowly weaning you off carbs/sugars, the Insulite PCOS System Exercise Plan is gradually stimulating these same neural pathways, thereby directing you toward the level of physical activity that is right for you.

The end result is that these very important neurochemical pathways stay balanced and that food withdrawal symptoms are eliminated or at least greatly reduced. In a reasonable period of time, the Insulite PCOS System can enable you to prefer exercising over ingesting carbs/sugars as your primary source of pleasure, contentment, and emotional balance.

Alleviating Withdrawal with Cooperative Behavior

Recent research shows that any time you engage in cooperative behaviors-such as volunteering or being part of a team effort-with the end goal of helping yourself and/or others-the dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin brain circuits mentioned above are stimulated. One reason that 12-step programs and other support groups are so successful is that being part of a group or working with others also helps stimulate these circuits, thus greatly alleviating the withdrawal symptoms of participants.

The Insulite PCOS System Support Network provides a similar cooperative platform that helps our clients mitigate their withdrawal symptoms. In addition to receiving weekly messages of motivation and information, customers have the opportunity of communicating with us at any time. This creates a symbiotic, cooperative, healing, and helping environment that has the capacity to elevate mood, increase feelings of contentment, and lessen the emotional distress that often comes from making major lifestyle changes.

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