The PCOS Benefits of Mixing Up Your Aerobic Workouts

Always strive for a balance when it comes to working out. An exercise regime that features short but intense workouts and mild sessions of longer duration will generally help you achieve PCOS fitness goals more safely.
One way to mix them up is to include 30-second intervals of intense activity (such as a sprint) followed by a minute or two of exercise like walking at your normal pace. Then add another intense interval but only do three of these in total at first to give your body a chance to adapt.
As you get in better shape, you can increase the intense spells, which will help improve your speed, strength and maximum capacity. That latter phrase means the ability to perform more activity before feeling tired while building muscle and bone strength.
Naturally, more vigorous forms of exercise like running will strengthen your heart and lungs more quickly. But don’t get too ambitious. Remember that moderate exercise has its place because it will improve the function of your cardiovascular system and build your endurance.
Too much too soon also greatly increases your odds of injury, which will mess with your Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) fitness plans in more ways than one. You can never be too careful because exercise, while greatly beneficial, has an inherent risk for injury. The greater the intensity, the greater the risk.
Always allow for plenty of recovery time to avoid overtraining and suffering chronic injuries to joints and muscles. Before you can exercise at a challenging pace, you have to work up to it to derive maximum benefit.
Regular exercise and a balanced, nutritious PCOS diet are crucial factors in avoiding excess weight and obesity, now at epidemic levels in the U.S. An underlying factor in obesity is often the reversible imbalance of blood glucose and insulin called Insulin Resistance.

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