Stay PCOS Motivated by Getting Out of Your Rut

Losing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome weight to help achieve optimum health isn’t easy, as the worldwide epidemic of obesity shows only too clearly. Although PCOS weight loss can leave you feeling better than you ever imagined possible, the process requires commitment and discipline.

It’s sometimes difficult, however, to keep motivated, especially when you need to maintain a healthy PCOS diet and regular exercise regime for life in order to fully enjoy the benefits of weight loss and prevent the return of those extra pounds.

One way to stay on target is to vary your healthy new lifestyle. Whenever possible, for example, go outside and participate in your favorite activity al fresco. Breathing stale air, whether at home or in a gym, can contribute to boredom. So try yoga in the park or lifting weights in your backyard. Fresh air will revive you.

If you suddenly start dreading your favorite aerobic class, it could be because you’re tired of the same old exercise music. Ask your instructor to change the soundtrack or take a class with a different style of musical accompaniment. Try a Latin cardio, hip hop, jazz or salsa class.

You can make your workout more interesting by challenging your body and your mind simultaneously. The key is to think about every movement you take. For example, lift lighter weights but move through each extension as slowly as you can. Walkers can do interval training – try some standing half-squats as you go along, or stop and do some push-ups on a park bench.

If you spend your workouts thinking about bills, work projects or family problems, it’s going to diminish the relaxing benefits of exercise. Instead, take several deep breaths inhaling and exhaling through your nose if you find your mind wandering. Breathing deeply is a great way to soothe anxieties.

Another way to release anxiety is to do plenty of stretching, which tends to be a forgotten component of exercise. Gently stretch for at least five minutes after every workout. When you stretch, you release tension. And before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to working out because it will have become fun again.

Regular exercise combined with a balanced, nutritious diet can help reverse an underlying cause of obesity, namely the imbalance of blood glucose and insulin called Insulin Resistance. By reversing Insulin Resistance, you can facilitate weight loss.

Next Steps

Becoming victorious over the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is not easy, but you can overcome your PCOS symptoms to live the life you deserve.

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