Seek Help for PCOS-Linked Sexual Problems

Stress is a classic symptom of PCOS and vice versa. When the two factors combine, they can have a detrimental impact on libido and sexual performance in women.
Research has shown the advantages of a healthy sex life, including less obvious benefits such as boosting the cardiovascular and immune systems, along with improving mood.
But for many women in their 40s and 50s, sexual problems can result from the stress of trying to keep a job and juggle a career while maintaining a marriage or relationship and supporting aging parents.
The three best things women can do to improve their sex life is to stop smoking, lose weight and reduce alcohol intake. Some research also suggests that reducing red meat intake can improve libido.
But the number-one rule for women with PCOS who are not satisfied with their sex life is to seek advice from a doctor. Evidence suggests that those who engage in regular sexual activity in a steady relationship live longer than those who abstain.

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