Symptoms of PCOS

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the #1 health condition facing women today. One in five women suffers from PCOS and hormone imbalance. That’s millions of women world-wide.

Are you dealing with the frustrating and sometimes devastating symptoms of PCOS?

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Though awareness about this condition is more heightened than ever, getting a firm diagnosis can be a bit tricky because the symptoms can be different for every woman. 

The fact of the matter is that PCOS is rooted in the Hormone Deal-Breakers™ that stress your body emotionally or physically throwing you into hormone imbalance. The stress hormone cortisol rises and stays high, and the blood sugar hormone insulin also rises and can stay high causing your cells to become resistant to insulin.

You can see here that PCOS and hormone imbalances cause many and varied symptoms. Below are some of the most common symptoms and their definitions.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (also known as PCOD – Polycystic Ovarian Disorder) is a very powerful condition that, surprisingly, affects a wide range of systems in your body.

Why Is PCOS Such a Big Issue?

PCOS is now the #1 health condition facing women today. This means millions of women worldwide suffer through these heart-wrenching and painful health issues. Some of the symptoms include:

    1. Infertility: This is one of the most difficult symptoms to bear and, when not understood or undiagnosed, can lead to tension, frustration, and resentment that can affect relationships with partners and other loved ones.
    2. History of Menstrual Irregularity: An irregular menstrual cycle is very common in women with PCOS – less frequent periods, heavy periods, or missing periods all together. Even periods that are close together (less than 25 days) are common with PCOS.
    3. Weight Gain or Obesity: Although women who are thin can have PCOS, the majority of women with this condition tend to gain weight easily and have a difficult time losing it.
    4. Hair Loss: Often following the same outline as male pattern baldness, women who have excess PCOS hormones, like testosterone, sometimes lose their hair. This is one of the several embarrassing symptoms this condition can produce.
    5. Hirsutism: On the complete other end of the spectrum as hair loss, women who have hirsutism experience excess hair growth in oftentimes very noticeable places, such as their face, chest, and back. This is also a very embarrassing issue for women to cope with in their daily life. According to research experts, “hirsutism appears to be strongly related with hyperandrogenism (imbalance of male sex hormones) and metabolic abnormalities in PCOS women.”4
    6. Sexual Difficulties: Over 50% of women are dissatisfied with intimacy, and it’s because of so many of the symptoms including pelvic pain, thinning vaginal walls, fatigue, low self-esteem, excess weight and more.
    7. Skin Conditions: Very frustrating for many women with this disorder, skin conditions are difficult to hide and can on occasion be painful. From mild to severe acne to the development of skin tags, skin conditions caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) can be both a nuisance and an embarrassment. Additionally, women with PCOS can experience acanthosis nigricans, which is the development of dark, thick, almost velvet-like skin in several places on the body.2
    8. High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure: Because women with this condition are already at a higher risk of compromised cardiovascular health, these two symptoms are very worrisome and must be monitored.
    9. Sleep Disorders: Sleep apnea and insomnia are among the most prevalent of sleep disorders reported by women with PCOS, and they have the potential to ruin the ability of women who experience them to function on a daily basis because of exhaustion and difficulty concentrating.
    10. Mood Swings: Anxiety, depression and irritability are very common in women suffering from hormonal imbalances. Women share that they don’t feel like themselves and are frustrated that feel powerless over their emotions.
    11. Fatigue: Low energy plagues many women with PCOS making just the routine parts of life sometimes very difficult.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and hormone imbalances are not matters to take lightly, as they can be accompanied by dangerous symptoms; however, they can be completely reversed.


The Hormone Deal-Breakers ™ may be at the root cause of your symptoms of hormone imbalance.

  • Nutrient deficiencies – your body is lacking vital nutrients for its daily needs (this includes anemias)
  • The wrong diet (food) for you
  • The wrong exercise or type of movement for you
  • Inadequate rest and sleep for you
  • Toxins from many different places both internal and external including toxic relationships
  • Low thyroid function
  • Low adrenal function
  • Lack of support
  • Sluggish or fatty liver
  • Bacterial, viral or fungal infections
  • Poor microbiome (gut bacteria) balance
  • You’re just too busy
  • Negative thoughts
  • Your body’s ability to detoxify
  • Poor fat metabolism
  • And your genetics
  • Medications – while you may be taking medication for some of your symptoms, they may affect your ability to get pregnant.

And more, but this is a great starting place and usually when you address these you can fully heal.

Supporting Your PCOS Symptoms Naturally

Begin by addressing the Hormone Deal-Breakers™ in this order:

  1. Food as Medicine – Learn how to use food to heal your body.
  2. Replace Missing Nutrients – your body needs nutrients to function properly, so when it’s not you must replace what’s missing.
  3. Movement as Medicine – learn how to exercise to promote a healthy, strong body. Sometimes we do too much here and stress our body out more, and sometimes we don’t do enough causing a poor metabolism, low motivation and poor sleep. Every type of movement has a hormonal response.
  4. Cravings Awareness – learn how to better manage cravings so you can improve the impact that insulin has on your fertility.
  5. Support Community – surround yourself with like-minded women who understand what you’re going through and can give you the hope that you may not feel right now by yourself.

With these five simple steps many women have been successful starting a family. We’ve seen this happen so may times with our PCOS 5-Element System.

Next Steps

Knowledge is power but taking action produces results. Now it’s your turn.

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Insulite Health, a Boulder, Colorado USA-based company, is committed to helping women reverse the symptoms of PCOS and hormone imbalance – the #1 health condition facing women today. 

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