How to Handle Insulin for Better PCOS Health

Did you know more and more doctors think the main cause of PCOS is insulin resistance, which is the inability of women like us with PCOS to properly manage insulin?
That’s why low glycemic load (GL) foods are so important in the fight to better manage the symptoms of PCOS. Low GL foods can help you avoid spikes in your blood sugar levels, which play havoc with your insulin function.
If you can lower your insulin resistance, you are more likely to restore your hormonal balance, have a normal period and be able to become pregnant.
And you don’t have to want to become pregnant to experience the benefits of reversing insulin resistance.  Better control of insulin can lead to a reduction in the risk of endometrial cancer as well as weight loss and less likelihood of excess facial and body hair, acne and male pattern baldness.

Take these simple steps to take control of your PCOS

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