Your Guide to the Glycemic Index

Exciting new way to pick the best foods to lose weight, live longer, and feel great. By Holly McCord, RD

What Is the Glycemic Index?
The Glycemic Index–or GI, for short–is a system that ranks foods by how they affect your levels of blood sugar. Low-GI foods (less than 55) produce a gradual rise in blood sugar that’s easy on the body. Foods between 55 and 70 are intermediate-GI foods. Foods with high-GI numbers (more than 70) make blood sugar as well as insulin levels spike fast. We now realize that’s a health threat. Mounting research suggests keeping blood sugar from spiking pays off in many ways. Low-GI foods appear to:

  • stave off heart disease
  • prevent type 2 diabetes
  • help you evade serious side effects if you have diabetes
  • curb your appetite so you lose weight
  • perhaps even help you feel more energetic
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