Heed the Tape Measure for PCOS Health

If a tape measure reveals your waistline is larger than 39 inches, experts say you may already be on the way to diabetes or heart disease. That’s why it’s so important to lose weight and then control it via a healthy diet and regular exercise to bettter manage your PCOS symptoms.

Excess weight almost always involves the imbalance of blood sugar and insulin levels called insulin resistance, which can be an underlying cause of PCOS-related disorders  like metabolic syndrome (syndrome x) and pre- and type 2 diabetes.
Insulin resistance impairs the vital process whereby blood glucose from food is converted into energy by passing through cell walls with the help of insulin. The resulting excess of glucose passes to the liver via the blood stream where it is turned into fat and then distributed around the body.
The good news, however, is that women with waists smaller than 39 inches are much less likely to suffer from insulin resistance. And it’s never too late to lose weight and feel better by switching to a healthier lifestyle.
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