Go Tropical with Healthy Papaya

No fruit conjures up the tropics quite like juicy, sweet papaya, which is increasingly being ranked ahead of apples and bananas as a healthy fruit.
Also known as paw paw, it’s especially good for those of us with PCOS who either need to reduce our weight or want to control it effectively. That’s because PCOS is linked with cardiovascular disease and papaya is laden with vitamins A, C and E – powerful antioxidants associated with a decreased risk of stroke and heart attacks.
Papaya has a medium GL (glycemic load) affect on blood sugar levels and also acts as a potent digestive aid, which, in ripe examples of the fruit, is a result of its high fiber content. In fact, papayas really are a kind of all-purpose fruit because they can improve skin and strengthen nails and hair … as well as even help to make freckles fade!
Slightly soft papayas with reddish-orange skin are ready to eat. Yellowish fruit will take several days to ripen. It’s possible to speed the ripening process by placing the papaya in a paper bag with a banana and leaving it on a counter. Ripe papayas will keep for up to a week in the fridge.
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