Check Your Waistline for PCOS Insulin Resistance

A study says measuring your waistline is a good guide to whether you’re at risk of developing Cardiovascular Disease, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or Diabetes.

Researchers led by Dr. Hans Wahrenberg at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute found that many women with a waistline of more than 39 inches suffer from Insulin Resistance and may already be on the road to serious medical conditions.
“This is like an alarm warning that you are going into the risk area,” says Dr. Wahrenberg, whose findings were reported in the online edition of the British Medical Journal.
The Swedish study looked at data from female volunteers aged 18-72, whose waistlines ranged from 25.6 inches to 59 inches. All underwent extensive testing for Insulin Resistance, which prevents the efficient conversion of blood sugar (glucose) into energy because of a vastly reduced number of insulin receptor sites on the cell walls. The resulting unbalanced levels of glucose and insulin in the bloodstream can lead to weight gain and obesity, which, in turn, may result in the cluster of heart disease disorders known as Metabolic Syndrome (or Syndrome X), as well as PCOS and Type II Diabetes.
Insulin Resistance tests were positive in 50% of participants who had a waist circumference of 1 meter (39.37 inches) or more.
Although the study found that a 39-inch waistline was the cut-off for Insulin Resistance, other research has shown that dangerous conditions may be developing with smaller waist sizes.
This can be especially true for women. Current guidelines state that women have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke when their waistlines reach 34.65 inches.

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