Avoid Spikes in Blood Sugar & Insulin Levels

Those of us with PCOS are especially prone to developing pre-diabetes so we need to try and avoid surges in blood sugar and insulin levels. Reversible pre-diabetes is diagnosed when glucose and insulin levels are higher than normal but not yet high enough for type 2 diabetes. If neglected, pre-diabetes can develop into the type 2 variety, which is irreversible in most cases and may need to be managed by daily injections of insulin.
It’s important to avoid bloodstream spikes because they can create stress on arteries over time and may lead to heart disease as well as paving the way for type 2 diabetes. The latter disorder is a severely increased risk factor for kidney disease, blindness and the need for amputation.
Learning which foods are low on Glycemic Load (GL) is a useful aid because the lower a GL rating, the slower the glucose from the food enters the bloodstream, preventing spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels. You can print off a comprehensive GL table from our PCOS website by clicking on What’s the Difference Between Glycemic Load (GL) and and Glycemic Index (GI)? Keep it handy for future reference.
Kiwifruit has a low GL rating of 4, for example. It’s sweet and can offer the fresh fruit taste that many crave, yet delivers just a fraction of the sugar of other sweet-tasting fruits.
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