Yogurts That Look Good for PCOS Weight Loss … But Aren’t!

Choosing the right yogurt, especially if you’re one of those of us with PCOS-linked weight issues, can be surprisingly tricky. That’s because not all varieties are created equally, despite what they may seem at first glance.
Some premium whole-milk yogurts can give you a hefty dose of saturated fat while many low-fat versions are every bit as creamy. When you enjoy a fruit-flavored low-fat yogurt, remember that the “fruit” is often really jam i.e. mostly sugar.
One suggestion is to opt for low-fat plain yogurt and stir in some fresh fruit to suit your taste. It will probably be less fattening than those varieties mentioned above.
Although they are a good source of calcium, some yogurts can be closer to dessert than to a healthy snack. So be careful not to let fat and added sugars spoil your weight loss regime.
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