Which Fish to Eat … and Which to Avoid for PCOS Health


Fish are a crucial part of a healthy diet to control weight to better manage the symptoms of PCOS.
But while fish are high in heart and brain-boosting omega 3 fatty acids, many fatty fish also contain high levels of mercury. So you have to be careful about which fish to eat as part of your PCOS regime.
Fish caught in their natural coldwater habitat are generally better for you than than farmed fish. Here’s a guide to which fish to eat and how often and which to avoid:

Eat often – anchovies, herring, wild Pacific salmon, sardines and freshwater trout.

Enjoy occasionally – bluefish, halibut and tuna (abi, albacore, bluefin, canned light varieties)
Avoid: swordfish, shark, tilefish, king mackerel, warm water fish like orange roughy and shellfish like clams and oysters.

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