Squeeze Those Muscles and Feel More Relaxed Right Away

A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t just create weight gain with potential consequences for worsening the symptoms of women with PCOS. It can also cause regularly painful tightness in the muscles, especially after sitting for hours in front of a computer in an office or at home.

If muscle stiffness does strike, try putting your left hand on the back of your neck and take a breath before squeezing as you exhale. Repeat three to five times.

Then put your left hand on your right shoulder (on the trapezius muscle, not the bone) and squeeze as you exhale, releasing the hand slowly. Repeat three to five times and then try the same process with the right hand on the other side. The warmth of the hand helps loosen and relax the connective tissues in those areas.
Imagine your tense muscles are sponges full of water, with each squeeze wringing out the stiffness.

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