So What Exactly is “Healthy Food?” Part 2

As we mentioned yesterday, food should provide maximum nourishment from nutrients for the body as well as tasting delicious. Nourishment from a healthy diet is particularly imortant for those of us with PCOS who need  to restore the hormonal imbalance caused by our condition.

Aim for 40-50% of calories to come from “good” carbs with low to medium glycemic load (GL), which rates how quickly the body converts food to blood sugar for energy. This conversion process is a particularly important consideration for those of us with PCOS-linked diabetes because the latter condition can cause fluctuations in glucose and insulin levels. Diabetes requires a balance of food rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber to maintain a healthy weight as well as correct glucose and insulin levels. Low GL food converts to sugar more slowly, reducing the risk of heart-damaging blood sugar spikes.

Nutritionists advise getting another 30% of calories from healthy nuts, mainly the monounsaturated kind – good sources include avocados, nuts and olive and canola oil, as well as omega-3s, which can be found in such items as walnuts and fish like salmon and sardines.

The remaining  20-30% of calories should come from a protein source such as lean chicken breast or green beans, combined with fresh fruits and vegetables to supply the body with the phytonutrients and fiber it needs.

Eating a nutritious diet is essential for a balance of food rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber to achieve or maintain a healthy weight to improve the management of your PCOS symptoms.

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