Pick Up a Banana for a Powerful Health Boost

Bananas don’t just give you a great energy boost – they’re also a marvelous source of fiber, magnesium and potassium, all of which can help manage heart-damaging high blood pressure. And the latter condition is often a key symptom for those of us with PCOS.

The good news about bananas doesn’t end there, either. They’re also full of vitamin B, which helps strengthen the immune system. And there’s one big extra plus because bananas aren’t fattening if eaten in moderation.
One medium banana has only 105 calories, so you’d have to eat at least six to equal one slice of New York-style pizza! What’s more, they’re “portion-controlled”  by their size and don’t require refrigeration.
Be sure, however, to avoid packaged “banana chips,” which have added fat and sugar and come loaded with calories.
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