PCOS Health: Eating Right to Avoid Inflammation Part 3

heart healthInflammation is closely associated with causing heart disease, which, in turn, is often linked with symptoms of PCOS.
So it’s best to include as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible in your diet. One of the most effective is ginger, which is also thought to help control blood sugar levels and assist in preventing the onset of pre-diabetes. If neglected, the latter condiiton can lead to the type 2 variety.
An easy way to introduce ginger into your healthy diet is to brew your own ginger “tea.” Use a peeler to remove the skin off a piece of ginger, then add several thin slices to a cup of hot water and let it steep for a few minutes.
The result is a deliciously distinctive and refreshing taste. And it’s nice to know the drink is doing you good, too.
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