Mix and Match Your Weights for Better PCOS

Lifting weights to boost muscle strength and cardiovascular health has a crucial role to play in any all-round Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome exercise program.
But keep in mind that both light and heavier weights have their place in helping you to manage your PCOS weight and greatly improve your fitness.
To gain strength, your muscles have to be challenged to the point of fatigue. To get to that point, most people can use heavier weights for eight repetitions or do between 12 and 20 reps with lighter weights.
Not surprisingly, light and heavy weights have different effects. Heavy weights build muscle mass, while the lighter variety help with toning and building endurance.
Actually, the best way to achieve maximum results is to combine the two types of weight. So try using light weights for a whole session one day and then switch to heavier weights for the next workout and so on.
Or start a session with light weights and switch to a heavier version mid-way thorough the time period that you’ve allotted for your workout.
If you’re new to lifting weights, build your strength up slowly and always consult a doctor before beginning a strenuous new regime.

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