How To Know If You Are Exercising Properly: For Better PCOS Health

The message that regular exercise to lose Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) weight is an essential part of staying healthy is hard to miss in the media these days. There are plenty of suggestions all the time about how to keep fit, from brisk walking in the local park and aerobic exercises in a dance class to training with weights in the gym and swimming at your local recreation center.
But how exactly do you know if you are exercising at the right level? If you exercise too intensely for too long, it can definitely be a bad thing. So here’s a brief guide to the way you should be feeling.
You’re getting your exercise right if:

  • Your heart is beating faster than usual, but not racing
  • Your breathing is deeper and more rapid than usual, but not uncontrolled
  • You’re warmer than usual and slightly sweaty, but not dripping with perspiration
  • You feel you could comfortably continue exercising at the same level without stopping
  • You can carry on a conversation while performing your exercises

If you have any concerns about your health, or have suffered a recent or recurring illness or injury, check with your doctor before becoming more active. It’s important to find forms of exercise which are safe and right for you.
Remember to:

  • Build up gradually
  • Warm up by running on the spot and gently stretching before you start any strenuous activity. Make time to cool down afterwards
  • Stop exercising if you get any pain, or feel dizzy, sick, unwell or very tired. If the symptoms don’t go away or come back later, be sure to see your doctor

Regular exercise combined with a balanced, nutritious diet can help reverse an underlying cause of obesity, namely the imbalance of blood glucose and insulin called Insulin Resistance. By reversing Insulin Resistance, you can facilitate weight loss.

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