How PCOS Can Affect Your Emotions

PCOS is being increasingly seen as a cause of depression, anxiety and stress in many of us who suffer from this insidious disorder.

Numerous women suffer from depression and mood swings as a result of the multiple symptoms of PCOS. These symptoms include insulin resistance, which can cause hormone imbalance, such as elevated levels of testosterone – the male hormone. By upsetting this delicate balance of female hormones, PCOS can be instrumental in the onset of depression.

The imbalance of  hormones also creates visible symptoms of PCOS like acne and excess hair growth on the face and body. These outward manifestations often lead, in turn, to feelings of poor self-esteem.
As a result, anxiety and stress levels among PCOS women can soar. And, of course, other symptoms of PCOS, like infertility and miscarriages, are also very stressful.

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