Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow…Well, in a Couple of Months

A Woman with PCOS tells her Laser-Hair-Removal Story

I just finished my fifth round of laser hair removal treatments. Yes, it was expensive. Yes, it kind of hurts. Yes, it was worth it!

Like many women with PCOS, I suffer from Hirsutism, which is just a fancy word for women sprouting goatees and chest hair.

Things definitely improved when I followed the Insulite PCOS exercise and nutrition plan and took their nutraceuticals. I lost weight and my excess hair was dissipating.

But I still had enough growth on and around my chin to be embarrassing. Tired of waxing and plucking, I finally decided to have it permanently removed.

After much Googling on the subject, I found that having dark hair and fair skin makes me the perfect candidate for successful laser hair removal. Apparently, the contrast helps attract the laser to the hair. I called a nearby clinic and made an appointment for a consultation.

I was surprised when the esthetician I consulted with was familiar with women and PCOS, who she said were “some of my best clients.” I was told I would need three to seven rounds of thirty-minute treatment sessions to achieve maximum results. Much to my dismay, she also informed me that results are not always permanent and that maintenance sessions may be necessary. With the treatments costing about $150 each, I prayed for permanence! I left the clinic that day with a tube of topical anesthetic (numbing cream) and an appointment for the following Monday.

As instructed, I applied the anesthetic to my chin thirty minutes prior to my appointment. When I slathered the cream onto my freshly shaved face, as instructed, at the red light of a large intersection, I began feeling a little nervous. If it was only “mildly painful,” why did I have to apply a numbing cream?

Palms sweating, I positioned myself into the treatment chair. The esthetician came in and handed me a pair of pink eye glasses. “For eye protection from the laser,” she said. She then donned a pair herself and went to work on me. The description of the pain I had read on the Internet, “a rubber band snapping against your skin,” was pretty close to how it felt, not unbearable, but certainly annoying. Over the course of twenty minutes she moved the laser gun systematically across my chin and jaw line. Afterwards, she applied some sort of soothing gel to calm the irritation.

Once home again, I inspected my chin in the mirror. Even though I had shaved, some of the hairs, looking rather fried, had literally popped out of their follicles. I could just pull them out. Slightly disgusting, nevertheless, this seemed like progress!

After four more rounds of treatments I am happy to say that I am virtually beard free! Now, when I kiss my husband I know I am just feeling his stubble, not our stubble.

To be continued…

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