Falling for Desire

By Angi Ingalls
PCOS in ConnecTion

When I was younger, in my preteen era, I would sometimes go to the store and buy a canister of chocolate frosting, take it home, grab a spoon and eat it while watching TV before my mother would get home from work. Sometimes I’d eat the whole can, other times I’d rush up to my room and hide it. I even remember one time when I was cleaning, orders by mom of course, and found three half eaten cans. By the end of my cleaning spree, they were empty. It was an addiction I just could not kick and it always needed to be chocolate – the darker the better.

Today, you can still find me going through a small spurt of craving-addictions. Just last month, I had three days where I needed small boxes of chocolate. I would sit at work and think about how I couldn’t wait until I could go buy a box. The month before was cake. The month before that was chocolate chip cookies. Every month I have about three to four days where I crave something and only that particular item. While it’s usually something sweet, it isn’t always. Some of my cravings had been for squash, almonds, chicken, mushrooms and even salad.

The problem with cravings? I’m sure you can guess. Give in to your cravings excessively, increase the risk for weight issues, thus adding to your already existing health problems. It’s very important to find the source of the cravings and get rid of them as much as possible.

For many, cravings can be triggered by an emotional state – depression, stress, anxiety, and even sensual desires. It is these times that you should try to find healthy alternative solutions to stomp those cravings flat out – for the last, a good night in the arms of your lover should do the trick.

Not all cravings are triggered by emotional issues; some are actually triggered by a lack of nutrient needed by the body. It is said if you crave potato chips or french fries, you probably need salt. If you desire bananas, you may need potassium. Chocolate usually means lack of magnesium – although women across the world will scratch your eyes out if you try to give her a magnesium tablet instead of a box of chocolates.

For my particular addiction, I have found that it is not related to emotion or lack of nutrient. For me, it seems to be triggered by hormonal fluctuations. I’m sure I don’t have to go into detail linking the hormonal flux to PCOS, but for the sake of argument, know that anyone dealing with PCOS, pre-diabetes or diabetes has issues with hormonal balance.

The key here is getting the hormonal balance under control thus relieving craving episodes. It’s just another reason to get the PCOS under control and managed.

Angi Ingalls; PCOS in ConnecTion
Guest PCOS writer
[email protected]
Educator for over 18 years
Diagnosed in 1985 at 12, living with PCOS since 1981

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