Feel Better … at the Office

Desk jobs can be hard on our bodies and worsen the symptoms of our PCOS. Many people spend long periods sitting in front of computers without getting up and moving about. As a result, they often suffer everything from stiff necks and sore wrists to backache and cramp in the legs, not to mention weight gain, which impairs better management of PCOS.

However, you can avoid many of these aches and pains with simple exercises that make you feel better both in the office and after work. For starters, try the finger stretch, which extends the palms and fingers to relieve compression in the hands, wrists and fingers.
Extend your right arm in front of you at shoulder height and raise your palm in a “stop” signal. Gently pull all five fingers of the right hand towards your body with your other hand. Inhale for a count of five and then exhale for a count of five. Switch sides and repeat.
While at the office, try to always take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk over to a colleague rather than email that person whenever possible. Every little bit of exercise helps prevent weight gain and keeps you supple. 
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