Do Your Demons Come Out at Night? Part 2

Yesterday we showed how reaching for food during the night can condition your body to expect calories during the wee hours. That, in turn, increases insulin resistance, which causes hormonal imbalance and prevents better management of your PCOS symptoms via weight loss or improved weight control.

Your state of mind may have a lot to do with it. If you struggle with depression or anxiety, or just boredom and loneliness, night-time can be a tough time.

Food often fills a void. If, for example, you’re busy with work or caring for elderly parents, or both, night-time is often the first quiet moment you have. As a result, you might find yourself overwhelmed with stress or emotions, causing you to reach for “comfort” food.

So create an awareness of your needs. Grab a notebook and write down how you feel before that trip to the fridge. Do you need more support from a partner or more love and affection to avoid extra eating? Consider what, besides food, would be helpful. Would a hot bath help ease your tensions?

And don’t forget: just pausing for a few moments is often enough to make a craving pass.

Next Steps

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