Do You Suffer From “Auto-Pilot Eating?” Part 2

Yesterday we focused on how your PCOS weight loss regime could be affected by “auto-pilot eating,” which can include barely registering a small snack you consumed while chatting to a friend or business colleague.
This bad habit may be padding your diet with hundreds of undocumented calories every day and exacerbating the symptoms of your PCOS with weight gain.
Simple processes can help you to make encouraging changes in your behavior. When you’re about to put food in your mouth, for example, stop what you’re doing. Easier said than done, perhaps, but try sticking written reminders in places where you eat at home and elsewhere like the car or your desk at the office.
Before you eat a snack, breathe deeply, creating a natural pause to gather your thoughts. It will enable you to reflect on whether you’re actually hungry and make you think twice about eating a snack. At the very least, you’ll be aware of what you’re about to do.
Choose to do something beside eating, like taking a walk outside your home or office. It will prove to yourself that you’re not a drone who must obey the urge to eat. Knowing you can change is half the battle.
Keep track of which new strategies enable you to escape “autopilot eating” and think of new ones to further distance you from mindless munching.

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