Breathe Easier with a Mediterranean-Style PCOS Diet

Many of us with PCOS know that our health can be adversely affected by other factors as well.

Asthma and allergy symptoms are just two additional disorders that may strike PCOS women. But something which can help is a healthy Mediterranean-style diet, which offers multiple benefits for those of us with PCOS.
With asthma, the airways are hyper-responsive … and anything which calms that response, such as antioxidants in the fruits, vegetables and healthy fats recommended by the Mediterranean diet, may reduce symptoms. Eating grapes and tomatoes every day can be particularly beneficial to PCOS women with asthma.

Allergies also benefit from the Mediterranean diet – especially its emphasis on healthy fats found in nuts, olive oil and wild salmon, which may, in addition, reduce the risk of inflammation that is linked to asthma and allergies. Inflammation is also a culprit in heart disease – a condition closely linked with PCOS.
And don’t forget a Mediterranean diet can help with better weight control, which leads to improved management of PCOS symptoms.

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