Better PCOS Health: Losing Weight Without Going Hungry (Part 2)

woman eating a saladAs we mentioned last week, women with PCOS find it hard to lose weight or control it. This is because that feeling hungry sensation comes with the territory.

Good News! There are ways to lose weight while controling your appetite so it doesn’t become agony. Here are some new tips.

Watch your portions.

Whether it’s a sandwich, snack or meal, research has shown that if we are served larger portions we will eat them, without feeling any fuller or reducing subsequent food intake. So tell yourself you’ll be just as as satisfied if you eat smaller portions. Using smaller plates at mealtimes will help, psychologically. Try to savour each mouthful rather than rushing your meal. That will give you more time to feel full and discourage you from going back for seconds.

Start with soup or salad.

Having a salad or soup before your meal can reduce the amount you eat at that meal. Low fat vegetable-based soups and salads offer large portions with few calories. Filling up on these, or some raw veggies with a healthy dip like guacomole, before your meal also means you will feel fuller faster with less food, with the added health advantage of getting most or all of your recommended daily vegetable intake

Drink plenty of water.

As well hydrating your body to help keep it functioning correctly, water can fill up your stomach and suppress appetite, preventing you from snacking and reducing the amount you eat at mealtimes. If you are feeling hungry between meals, try a refreshing glass of water, still or sparkling, and then see if you are still hungry. You may find the urge has gone away. Also drinking water at mealtimes can help get you used to eating smaller portions and cutting out weight-boosting sugary sodas.

Next Steps

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