Be Prepared for Your Body to Play Tricks on You

Switching to a new regime for PCOS health can sometimes lead to surprises as your body adjusts.
For example, reducing salt intake for improved management of PCOS symptoms may result in lightly-salted foods suddenly tasting over-salty for a while.
A similar reaction concerning sweetness is often experienced by people who give up sugar. Things may start tasting cloyingly sweet at first.
But don’t despair. It’s just a matter of retraining your taste buds. In fact, look at the sugar effect this way – it makes a good case for also giving up diet sodas and other artificially sugary foods and drinks at the same time.
Without them, your taste buds will adjust more quickly to not needing as much sweetness. And, as a result, your weight and PCOS health will reap the benefits.

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