Try Interval Training for PCOS Health

Interval training combines periods of high-intensity work with moderate to light-intensity exercise. It helps enhance the body’s calorie-burning capacity for improved control over weight, which can, in turn, assist better management of your PCOS symptoms.
Always start gradually with a 3-5 minute warm-up of light-intensity cardiovascular exercise such as walking, rolling the shoulders and circling the arms.
Train for 4 minutes at a high intensity followed by 4 minutes at a moderate to light intensity. One example is to try brisk walking interspersed with moderate walking.
Alternate these 4-minute intervals for the entire workout. Start with a 20-minute workout and progress to 60 minutes over several weeks.
It will be gratifying to see how fit you’re becoming. The simplest way to do this is with a timed walk of a set distance, say a mile. Note down your heart rate (find your pulse, record your heart rate for 10 seconds and multiply it by six) when you start, when you finish and a minute later. Over a period of time you should see a faster walking time but a drop in heart rate.
But remember: always consult a doctor before beginning a new exercise regime.

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