Transform Your Mood … Without Food

You don’t have to reach for fattening snacks if you’re feeling down. In fact, you may be inflicting your mood – and resulting weight gain – on yourself without realizing it. And making your PCOS symptoms worse, into the bargain.
Here are some simple steps to consider:
Avoid watching movies featuring actresses with seemingly ideal bodies like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. They have the time and money to keep themselves in perfect shape and these women could be upsetting you subconsciously. Instead, choose something with Queen Latifah or a male star!
Criticized by the boss at work? Take a brisk walk outside the office building to let off steam in the fresh air and avoid passing the snack machine on the way.
Drive past fast food drive-in windows, whether you feel up or down, and save yourself some money. Save the amount in a jar and it will soon mount up, enabling you to treat yourself to that fashionable top you saw recently in a store. The chances are, it will now fit because you’ve lost weight.
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