To Snack or Not To Snack for PCOS Health Part 3

As we’ve been reporting this week, one method recommended in the past for better weight control is being challenged by some experts who now say “grazing”, or eating small healthy snacks between meals, may lead to weight gain by interfering with the body’s metabolism and its ability to burn fat.
The experts believe people should go back to three healthy meals a day, including fruit and vegetables, and cut out snacks in between those meals.

But if you can’t go between meals without a bite, plan your snacks. Pack them up and take them to work and keep a healthy snack in your bag. This will avoid high-calorie impulse food buys when you are feeling hungry.
Swap cake for a banana, biscuits for an apple, chips for a handful of dried fruit, chocolate for a handful of nuts. Don’t eat on the run or when you’re doing something else. Ideally sit down to eat with other people but with no distractions as this has been shown to minimize calorie intake.
Resist snacking at least once a day – if you can, go for four hours without food before a meal to allow your body to go into fat-burning mode. Avoid smoothies and fruit juice between meals – there are high in calories and sugar.

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