I Was Struggling With Yoga This Week

I have to confess, I haven’t been to yoga for a long time. I’ve been surfing now a little bit in the warm water here in Mexico, getting my paddling arms back into shape.

I wasn’t in shape for surfing so I started really slow. And I was feeling pretty stiff so I thought I better go back to yoga to check in with my body.

Yoga, if it’s not too hard, is a great way to get in touch with your body.

I have been playing tennis and walking, but no stretching. Not good.

When I went to yoga this past Tuesday, I was feeling a bit pathetic. Truly!

I had aches and pains everywhere it seemed.

I signed up for an Ashtanga yoga class – my very first time – so I was a bit worried that it might be too hard. But my plan is always to do what I can, and go into child’s pose when I need a break.

And that’s what I did. I always have a moment of feeling like I’m failing when I don’t do what the instructor says, but then I get over myself.

I could feel every tight spot in my body, and all aches and pains that had been lurking around. I paid attention to those areas but kind of enjoyed the gentle pain that comes with stretching muscles.

By the end of the session, I was feeling wonderful. I think the happy brain chemicals that I produced during yoga overcame all the stiffness and pain I was feeling at the beginning.

I started the yoga class feeling quite pathetic, and finished feeling pretty darn confident.

I’m going back next Tuesday.

Consider joining me. Make Tuesday your yoga day. Find a class that’s more restorative and just do what you can.

Get in touch with your body. Just hang out with it for an hour and see what you notice.

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