Simple Ways to Cut Back on High Carbs for PCOS Health

PCOS-linked weight gain often stems from consuming too many high carbs from food favorites.
Some things just aren’t the same, for example, without a crunchy crust around them, even though a coating made with flour and breadcrumbs can quickly turn a healthy dish like fish into a high-carb meal. A one-quarter cup of breadcrumbs contains 20g of carbs, for instance.
But a little creativity can enable you to have your crunch and stay in the healthy eating zone. Great, flavorful substitutions for bread crumbs include nuts, seeds, and (unsweetened) whole grain cereal flakes. All of them can be crushed up in a plastic storage bag and used to coat fish fillets, chicken, shrimp, veggies or anything else you’d normally coat with bread crumbs.
For crab cakes, meatballs, meatloaf and other foods that need help staying together, try mixing up a paste of baking powder and beaten egg to use as a binder, instead of bread crumbs and egg. When making crab cakes, use real crabmeat; imitation crab contains added sugar.

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