Resistant Starches for Hormone Balance? Potato Salad – YES!

You may have heard the term resistant starches– it seems to be a fairly new topic but resistant starches have always been around.

Resistant starches can play an important role in your digestive health as well as help keep blood sugar levels stable.

Both are good for balancing hormones.

Resistant starch is a specific fiber that helps feed the good bacteria in our gut and keep our microbiome in tip-top shape.

Having a healthy gut improves symptoms of PCOS and hormone imbalance by allowing your body to receive the nourishment it needs through the food we eat.

We are what we absorb!

Resistant starch works like a fermented fiber inside the gut. It goes through your stomach and small intestine unchanged.

Once in the large intestine these fermented fiberscan feed up to 90% of your microbiome! WOW!

Resistant starches can be found in just a few beneficial foods.

Preparing these foods correctly will offer the most resistant starch benefits.

  • Potatoes – One of our favorite resistant starches are potatoes! Sweet potatoes, red potatoes, or even yams! Roasted, boiled or baked all potatoes will create resistant starches once cooled in the refrigerator for a few hours. Even enjoying raw potatoes will offer a form of resistant starch. 
  • Green Bananas – You generally want to avoid those bright yellow bananas you see on the supermarket shelves, and instead opt for the greenest ones you can find! Adding half of a green banana (with the peel on if you’re brave enough!) to your morning smoothie can help control blood sugar, aide in detoxification, and offer beneficial resistant starches. Green plantains are also an awesome choice! 
  • Rice – Though many grains contain resistant starch due to their fiber structure, rice is our go-to grain of choice. Sprouted rice – rice that has been soaked 24 hours before cooking – is best for easier digestion. Once the rice has been cooked and cooled it can offer a beneficial amount of these resistant starches. 
  • Seeds and Legumes – Both seeds and legumes offer resistant starches. Try mixing up some chia pudding or topping your salad with sunflower seeds. Legumes should be soaked before preparing, then cooled before consuming. Cooking then cooling legumes creates their beneficial resistant starches.

The key is to soak, then cool in the refrigerator 24 hours before eating to get the most benefit.

Take your digestive health up a notch by including some form of resistant starches in your diet daily. Gut health is extremely important when healing symptoms of PCOS. Give your beautiful body what it needs to thrive!

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