You Have All The Power Over PCOS

We learned how to know if we have PCOS… and what exactly PCOS is. Quite confusing really – but we also learned that it doesn’t matter. Because today we’re going to focus on why it’s critical that you take action.. that you become the CEO, or perhaps the Princess, the Queen or even the Goddess… of your own health.

Because even if you have just one symptom, it’s time to do something about it. In fact it’s super important not to wait for a diagnosis, or for even more symptoms to appear and maybe get worse…because taking care of yourself is the most worthwhile and valuable thing you could ever do…

Living a happy, fulfilled life is why we’re here!!!

So when anything gets in the way of that I want you to get mad about it. Because that anger will fuel your desire to take action….

Let’s say for example.. that for awhile now, you just haven’t felt right about life. You can’t put your finger on it, but you’re just not happy. Maybe today that’s the only symptom you have. And you’re not sure why this is. It’s probably because your hormones and brain chemistry are all out of whack.

And over time if you don’t do anything, this feeling of life not being quite right could lead to weight gain, hair growth in weird places, infertility, depression…or many of the other icky symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance….

But instead of doing nothing, maybe you choose to watch this video… or listen to Inspiration Hour…or sign up for the Insulite Natural Hormone Solution… or you post a comment on our FB page… or you read our FB page, or you do some research and learn more about what’s going on for you…

The minute your universe of understanding expands, or you take action that’s in the benefit of your own healing… you alter the way your genes express themselves. You will literally begin to feel different… for the better. Your biology literally begins to change.

This is why the placebo affect works… because even though it’s a placebo, the person is literally taking action to do something to help themselves, which affects the immune system in a positive way.

So here’s the takeaway. When you move in the direction of healing it creates healing.

Wow…pretty awesome, right? This is why you need to be the Princess, the Queen or Goddess of your own health. You have ALL the power. The minute we take control of our own healing we begin to establish a different relationship with the world.

So this week your to-do is this. Choose ONE thing to do this week that moves you in the direction of improved health or a better life.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Join our Natural Solution For Hormone Balance Facebook Group and post a comment or question
  • Increase the amount of vegetables you eat,
  • Get a little more sleep,
  • Take a longer walk,
  • Read about your symptoms on our website,
  • Write down 5 new things that you’re grateful for,
  • Go organic,
  • Just say NO to GMO, or
  • Laugh for no good reason.

Use the 5% solution by making 1 small change this week. What will it be? Post it on our FB page. We’re all in this together. I’ll see you next week!

Thanks for watching!

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