Power Foods for Weight Loss

Every woman with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) needs to be careful about how much she weighs – even those who are lean or of normal weight – because hormone balance is so delicate that it can quickly be affected by weight.

Fortunately, certain “power” foods are on your side and are especially effective at helping you lose weight or making sure extra pounds don’t come your way.

Three good examples are almonds, avocado and olive oil. Although they are each high in fat, about 70% of that fat is the monounsaturated variety, which is heart-healthy.

These foods can also help to make your cells insulin-sensitive and assist you in avoiding or reversing Insulin Resistance – a key underlying cause of PCOS. When insulin is being employed properly by the body to facilitate the conversion of sugar into energy, weight loss is easier to achieve because Insulin Resistance is more likely to be reversed.

For maximum weight control, avoid combining high monounsaturated food with simple carbs like white bread, baked potatoes or sugar. So if you’re going to have an avocado, for example, serve it on gluten-free bread rather than a corn or flour tortilla.

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