PCOS Symptom: If You’re Dealing with Excess Facial Hair, You Are Not Alone!

woman with facial hairIf you or someone you know suffers from excess facial hair (hirsutism), there’s a strong chance it’s a sign of PCOS, according to a report.

Estimates of how many females are affected are likely to be under-estimated because some women are reluctant to seek help out of embarrassment.

As many as 15% of women and teenage females have excess facial hair and PCOS is the cause in 70% to 80% of cases, say researchers.

The male hormone testosterone occurs naturally in women in small amounts. But PCOS causes a hormonal imbalance resulting in excess levels of testosterone, often an underlying factor in cases of increased facial and body hair. A balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise, as advocated by the Insulite PCOS System, can help to lower testosterone levels.

Women and female teenagers worried about excess facial hair should consult their doctor to be tested for PCOS, say researchers.

In addition to PCOS, rarer causes of excessive facial hair include certain tumors, as well as thyroid dysfunction and the use of some drugs.

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