PCOS-Linked Excess Weight Increases Kidney Stone Risk Part 2

Yesterday we reported on how PCOS-linked excess weight may increase the risk of developing kidney stones. Women are especially vulnerable to developing this painful condition.
Higher BMIs (body mass index, which measures weight in relation to height) and the hormonal imbalance called insulin resistance, which often underlies PCOS,  may increase the amount of calcium and other substances in the urine, leading to the formation of kidney stones.
In an analysis of three three large study groups – the Health Professionals Follow-up Study and the Nurses’ Health Study I and II, which included nearly 250,000 men and women – researchers found obesity was strongly linked to kidney stone development.
Findings included:
Women up to the age of 34 who weighed more than 220 pounds had a 92% higher risk of developing kidney stones than women of a similar age who weighted 150 pounds. Females aged 34-59 who weighed more than 220 pounds had an 89% higher risk of kidney stones.
Women who gained 35 pounds since the age of 21 had a 70% higher risk of developing kidney stones compared to females whose weight did not change. Women had an 82% higher risk if they gained the extra weight from the age of 18.

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