Feel Full on Fewer Calories for PCOS Health

A great way to lose or better control weight for improved PCOS health is to choose low energy density foods, which can help you control your hunger by making you feel full on fewer calories.
It sounds like a diet gimmick. But nutritionist-recommended weight-loss diets use the concept of low energy density foods, which are less concentrated with calories, to help people lose weight and keep it off long term.
All foods have a certain number of calories. Some foods, such as desserts, candies and processed foods, are high in energy density. This means that just a small volume of that food has a large number of calories.
Alternatively, some foods – such as vegetables and fruits – have low energy density. These foods provide a larger portion size to satisfy hunger with a fewer number of calories.
Tomorrow  we’ll report on three factors that play an important role in what makes food less calorie-packed and more filling.

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