PCOS Health: Obesity “Raises Miscarriage Risk”

Women who have had a miscarriage could be at greater risk of miscarrying again if they are obese, research suggests.

A team from St Mary’s Hospital in London followed the progress of 696 women who miscarried and became pregnant again. Their risk of a further miscarriage was shown to increase by 73% if the woman was obese.

Trying to lose weight while pregnant is potentially dangerous, however, and doctors advise obese women to attempt weight loss before becoming pregnant.

Although the links between being obese and having problems conceiving and complications during pregnancy are well known, this study claims to look specifically at “recurrent” miscarriage and connect it to obesity.

While there was no difference in the miscarriage rates for overweight, normal and underweight women, the risk of further miscarriage increased sharply for obese women.

A balanced, PCOS nutritious diet combined with regular exercise can help reverse an underlying cause of excess weight and obesity, namely the imbalance of blood glucose and insulin called Insulin Resistance, which decreases insulin sensitivity. By reversing Insulin Resistance, it is possible to facilitate Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome weight loss.

Take these simple steps to take control of your PCOS

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