PCOS Health: Grab a Grapefruit

When it comes to eating a healthy diet in order to better manage the symptoms of PCOS, grapefruit is hard to beat as a source of natural goodness.

For a start, it has a low GI rating of 25, which means it’s much less likely than an orange, for example, to cause an artery-damaging spike in your blood sugar and insulin levels. Then there’s its ability to help with weight loss because it’s high in fat-burning enzymes and low in sodium. Cutting salt in your diet can help flush out excess water caused by high sodium food.

Grapefruit also helps the proper digestion of food and boosts liver function, as well as being a rich source of Vitamin C. Because it boasts a high concentration of lycopene, it may also help to prevent the onset of tumors.

Tip: Eat one grapefruit every other day. Try peeling it like an orange, not cut in half and scooped out, for maximum benefit.

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