Pass on the Salt for PCOS Health

Restaurant meals can play havoc with your healthy PCOS regime because they often come drowning in sauce or smothered in dressing and salt. Some contain nearly three days’ worth of the recommended daily salt intake.

Those of us with PCOS are vulnerable to heart disease. So it was alarming when a survey of 17 national chains calculated that 85 out of 102 meals contained more than a day’s worth of salt, with some packing more than 6,000 mgs of sodium.

That figure is almost three times the American Heart Association recommended maximum daily limit of 2,300 mgs, which is the equivalent of a teaspoon of table salt.

Excess salt is a major risk factor for heart disease-linked high blood pressure. Too much also ups your odds of developing kidney disease.

Conversely, cutting sodium consumption by 25-35% can lead to a 25% decrease in the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Tomorrow we’ll look at ways of to cut back on salt intake … without really noticing!

Next Steps

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