Keep on Your Toes to Get a Great PCOS Workout

Want to know a secret? OK, it’s not exactly a secret. But it is an excellent and usually overlooked form of exercise that is simplicity itself and requires minimal equipment.
You probably haven’t done it since school but maybe you should think about taking up this form of activity again. It’s called … jumping rope and all you really need is a rope and some space.
Jumping rope gives your heart and lungs a great workout, along with toning your upper and lower body and aiding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) weight loss. Improved eye and foot co-ordination to keep the brain sharp is an extra bonus.
Although jumping rope tends to be associated with the female of the species, men shouldn’t be put off. Just think of all the great boxers, from Joe Louis to “Rocky Balboa”, who made jumping rope an integral part of their training. It’s great exercise for kids, too.
Before starting, warm-up thoroughly by running on the spot and gently stretching. To help prevent injury, you should aim to jump in trainers, ideally on a sprung studio floor. Start off slowly and build up speed.
When jumping rope, try to keep your elbows tucked into your sides, with the rope turning around smoothly in your wrists. A common mistake is to lean forward or twirl the rope too slowly. Both of these actions result in the rope being caught by your feet.
Keep your back straight and, if you’re a beginner, jump two-footed at first, a few inches from the floor. Practice crossing and uncrossing your arms. Jumping rope to music, combining different foot combinations and also adding circuit exercises will prevent you from becoming bored.
Alternating feet when jumping is easy to learn. Aim to jump a few times on one foot, then try the other foot. Soon you will be able to go from one to the other without catching the rope.
The rope should ideally be tight. If jumping at speed, aim to have small jumps, with the rope close to your head.
Once you’ve got the hang of jumping rope, there are a number of variations to try. These range from jumping with knees raised high to make it more demanding to – and this is only for the tough and experienced – jumping while crouched.

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